Erika Kelble - Board Member

Erika grew up in Manhattan, then received a combined BA from Tufts University in Biology and Psychology. Out of school, Erika built a consulting business as a nutritionist and physical trainer building a private clientele of predominantly post-menopausal women who needed help keeping strength, mobility and bone density.  Before having children, Erika also designed and organized health retreats, owned and ran a bed and breakfast and built a small gourmet mustard business.

Moving from Manhattan to build and run a bed and breakfast with her husband Jeff in a town of 500 people in rural Virginia was part of Erika’s journey to where she is now.  While having and raising two children she threw herself into town business as chairman of the planning commission and elected member of the town council.

Erika ran into yoga when she was 19 after learning meditation to combat tension-migraine headaches.  She then picked up a physical asana practice, and over 30 odd years has moved fluidly in and out of several different yoga disciplines. She has come to believe they are all worth learning and serve a person differently at different times in their life.  At 43, Erika has found her yoga practice becoming a more important component of her life and is open to find ways to give back. She feels yoga has brought wonderful people, health and balance into her life when she most needed these things and would be honored to help others find their practice through USA Yoga.