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Robin Fox, CA Youth Champion


I decided to compete because I've been compelled to share my story. I believe that yoga allows people to do that, with their bodies. Training for competition has taught me the value of patience, releasing the ego, and becoming open to new teachings in postures that I've done for years. There's always more to learn about a posture; There's always someone who knows something about a posture that you haven't yet grasped fully. I'm learning to make every move meaningful and mindful. I'm grateful for my coaches Michele Vennard and Cynthia Wehr for guiding me through this process of great attention and humility.

 Sarah Gnerre, NH Senior Champion 

Competitive yoga means being accountable to oneself and to one's team. It means going to practice when it might feel easier to stay home. The benefits are immense. Even an over-fifty will find a more powerful body, increased confidence and deepened well of calm reserve to use later.

Jordan Lydia Grimmer, WA Champion

For me, yoga asana demonstration is not a competition over anyone else. It represents the inner battle between the ego and the higher self. The ego that whispers to you to give up and give in – to not risk possible embarrassment or failure. And the higher self that invites you to leave your comfort zone and open yourself to new possibilities that you never imagined were possible. It’s about cultivating a moment of transcendence beyond your doubts and fears.  A journey of harnessing your courage.

Bruce Merkle, CA Champion

In competitive yoga, I challenge myself and take my practice further, and I always have in mind the only person I'm competing against is myself.


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Upcoming Regional Events and Athlete Registration

Greetings from USA Yoga!  We wish you and your loved one's the best this holiday season!

The USA Yoga Regional Championship season is well underway.  We are looking to grow and expand participation in these inspiring events.  If you haven't yet registered as an athlete for this season's upcoming events, please look at the schedule below and do so now!


(18-49) Athlete Membership Application w/single payment option

(50 and up) Senior Athlete Membership Application w/single payment option

(11-17) Youth Athlete Membership Application w/single payment option


2015-2016 Texas Regional Championships, Jan. 16th, Richardson, TX

2015-2016 Florida Regional Championships, Jan. 17th, St. Augustine, FL

2015-2016 New Jersey and New York Regional Championships, Jan. 23rd, Brooklyn, NY

2015-2016 Mountain States Regional Championships (CO, ID, MT, UT, WY), Jan. 30th, Jackson, WY

2015-2016 North and South Caronlina Regional Championships, Feb. 6, Durham, NC

2015-2016 Mid Atlantic Regional Championships, Feb. 14th, Philidelphia, PA

2015-2016 Mid West Regional Championships (IL, IN, KS, KY, MO, NE, OK, WI), Feb. 20th, Willmette, IL

2015-2016 Nevada Regional Championships, Feb. 27th, Las, Vegas, NV


USA Yoga 2016 National Championship: Jackson Hole, WY, May 20-22

A Recap on the Regional Championship

With the New England, California, Washington, Oregon and Arizona regional competitions already completed, we are halfway through our regional championship season! USA Yoga would like to offer congratulations to all of our regional Yoga Athletes and Champions for the hard work and dedication they have devoted to this sport. The USA Yoga Federation has high ambitions for popularizing the concept of yoga as sport in order to change the nature of sport to something which can celebrate human health and greatness. This is only possible through your support as a member of USA Yoga. Join now.
With 8 regionals left we are looking forward to our National Competition in May 2016 and hope to see you there!

This year's regional competitions are being held under new format and rules, which have been developed by the International Yoga Sports Federation (IYSF) and adopted by USA Yoga. Our new format allows for Yoga Athletes from all disciplines to participate regardless of their Hatha Yoga style and level. The new competition format consists of 6 postures: 4 compulsories and 2 optionals. All 6 yoga postures are to be preformed within the span of 3 minutes, which allows the stillness of the posture to be demonstrated. The new categories of the compulsory postures are based on 4  movements of the spine - Forward Bending, Backward Bending, Twisting and Stretching - these categories contain 3 levels of difficulty, which allow each athlete to customize their routine.

We welcome all yogis to play and celebrate with us in a regional event and become part of the ever growing movement of Yoga Sport.

Joseph Encinia