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Monday, June 13, 2016 12:00 AM
New Competition Structure


We are so excited about our new competition structure and hope that you are happy as well. Please review it here.  If you have any questions or concerns, email [email protected].

2016-2017 Season Rules


IYSF, our international governing body, will be finalizing new rules over the next few weeks and we will publish these on our website under Rules as soon as they become available.

2017 Nationals


The 2017 National Championship will be held in conjunction with the biennial State Games of America, an Olympic-style multi-sporting event. We are overjoyed that we are invited to take part in this prestigious event.

The Games take place on August 3 - 7, 2017 in Grand Rapids, MI. See the promotional video here.

Message from our Board President

USA Yoga would like to thank all of its members for their support in the 2015-16 competition season! In this season we adopted and introduced new rules from the International Yoga Sports Federation, introduced new Directors of the board, hosted online judge's webinars and developed a new structure for next year's competition. We truly appreciate our members feedback through these new developments and we'll continue to work with you.

Our last season has shown a level competition that has exceeded past year's diversity in routines through USA Yoga's newly adopted format, which gives each athlete the ability to express themselves in a manner appropriate to their individual practice. If you missed out watching the national competition please go here, to see the routines.

Thank you for supporting us through all of these exciting changes and opportunities that are leading USA Yoga to a new level of recognition and participation in the sports community. Please show your support by Donating or becoming a member of USA Yoga. We look forward to updating you soon with new plans for next year's championship season!

Joseph Encinia

Words from our Winners: Adult

Briana Bernal, our 2016 Adult Female Gold Medalist
1. Has participating in yoga competition changed you?
Participating in yoga competition has changed me in a good way. I feel more confident and proud of all my hard work every time I step on that stage and perform. I am giving it my all and needless to say, it is nice to have others observe my practice. When they notice my dance background and the fluidity of my postures, it makes me grateful for the activities I did before yoga. My dreams are coming true, and I have finally gotten past my self-consciousness. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for the USA Yoga Competition.
2. Have you inspired others in their practice?
From the beautiful words to the daily compliments, I would say that I have inspired others in their practice. Students from the studio I attend in Merritt Island FL, have said: "All I need to do is watch you and I feel my practice improve!" Those words make me so thankful for this body I have been given. It is truly a blessing to be able to inspire others to follow their dreams whatever it may be, even if it is as simple as locking the leg in the standing postures.
3. Any words of wisdom for first-time competitors, or those considering it?
Breathe, take your time, SMILE, focus, and most of all have fun! If it's your first time out on stage, then take it all in, relax every muscle in your body, make your bow honest and genuine, and continue to do your practice in front of the audience as if you were back at your home studio! Lastly, did I mention have fun?(:

Senior Winners

Scott Marin 2015 & 2016 Senior Male Gold Medalist
1. How has competition changed you?
Previously I trained for and ran several marathons, but my knees began to painfully complain.Training for yoga competition really stepped up my practice and introduced me to a lively community of advanced yoga practitioners. The Texas regional competition has been a lot of fun, and each year I've seen a little improvement in my poses. I think that competition enhanced my interest in yoga and has provided a good replacement for running.
 2. How have you inspired others in their practices?
In every yoga class, I try to practice with the best form and energy that day allows. Occasionally, someone will mention that they look at my practice and poses as examples.
 3. Any words of wisdom for first-time competitors, or those considering it?
Get started without delay. Don't postpone starting until some event (e.g. weight loss, better shape, stronger practice) happens. Competition training will mitigate most of the excuses. Enjoy the training and advanced practice. Take advantage of demonstrating your competition routine in regular yoga classes. The demos really help reduce the jitters and provide a stage type experience. Don't worry about doing poorly. All competitors are winners.

Catherine McCauley 2016 Senior Female Gold Medalist
1. How has competition changed you?
I've asked myself many times why I compete. I love getting deeper into my practice and learning all the intricacies of each pose, yet my own mind can be my biggest challenge.. which, in turn, presents me with a great opportunity for growth. In getting me to a very uncomfortable space, I'm forced to rely on something much greater to keep me centered, focused, and in gratitude. This, I can take with me every day.  
2.  How have you inspired others in their practices?  
I love being with different people who are at all stages of their practice. I know we all are on our own path and all have "something" we are working on or struggling with - whether inside or outside the yoga room. Hopefully others see and feel that common purpose; we are all equal and just need to keep our eyes, heart, and mind looking forward and we can grow together!
3. Any words of wisdom for first-time competitors, or those considering it?
Do it for you.. whether to improve your practice, your focus, or just to prove to yourself you can do it, because you can! Enjoy the training, Enjoy the camaraderie, Enjoy the new and deeper friendships you will develop.. and be easy on yourself! Do your best with the body and mind you have today. Do the work you know to do, turn it over, and trust that, whatever the outcome, it will be exactly what you need and you will grow in many ways.