Tuesday, October 11, 2016 12:00 AM
Non-Approved Optionals

We strongly encourage you to choose your optional postures from the Approved Optional Posture Guide. Download here.
If you are qualifying via video submission, or change your posture on stage due to a last minute injury, then you must choose from this list.

If you are competing at a live event, then you must choose an approved optional from the dropdown menu upon entry. If you want to perform a non-approved optional, then submit a picture of yourself in the posture, to [email protected], AT LEAST ONE CALENDAR MONTH BEFORE, your scheduled event. That means if your event is held on November 19th, then the last day to submit a non-approved optional is October 19th.

Our New Coach's Page

If we are to grow the Yoga Sports movement, and greatly expand the number of athletes, then we need a lot more coaches across the country and from all styles of yoga.

Our new coaches page is a resource for potential yoga athletes. For yoga teachers, coaching is both another source of income, and an enriching experience. For serious practitioners who don't want to quit their day jobs, coaching is an outlet for sharing your knowledge, expertise, and love of yoga. This is a win/win proposition.

It is easy to be listed on our coaches page, here's how:

  • Join USA Yoga as a coach, judge, athlete, or studio/club member
  • Take the Rules & Posture Guidelines Clinic
  • Pass the certification test
  • Send your bio, picture, and contact info to [email protected]
Interested in hosting a USA Yoga event in your area?

If you are, email Ainslie at [email protected].

Why host a qualifier or fundraiser for USA Yoga?


  • Builds the yoga community in your area.
  • Educates people on the benefits of yoga.
  • It's fun!
  • It's for a good cause.
  • Generates more traffic and exposure for your studio or space.
  • USA Yoga will help you promote your event!
2016-2017 Season Begins!

We are super excited about the start of our new season. So many innovative things are happening from our new competition structure, (see the video explaining it here), to our exciting affiliation with major Sport's Organizations, like the Arnold Sport's Festival for the Central/North Super Regional, and the Colorado State Games for the MidWest Super Regional.

Perhaps the most thrilling news is that our National Championship in August 2017 will be part of the State Games of America's Bi-Annual National Event in Grand Rapids, MI. See the sizzle reel here. This will be an Olympic-style event with an opening ceremony in the downtown arena, and our championship will be held in the convention hall along with other sports, such as Judo, Wrestling, Karate, and Gymnastics.

We already have many qualifying events listed on our events page including:

2016-2017 USA Yoga New England States Qualifier

2016-2017 USA Yoga Phoenix, AZ Qualifier

2016-2017 USA Yoga San Antonio, TX Qualifier

2016-2017 USA Yoga MidAtlantic States Qualifier

2016-2017 USA Yoga Richardson, TX Qualifier

2016-2017 USA Yoga Southern States Qualifier in Austin, TX

As well as two Super Regionals:

USA Yoga At The Arnold 2017 Central/North Region Super Regional Championship

2016-2017 USA Yoga Southern States Super Regional Championship

The other two Super Regionals will be listed soon, as well as many more qualifiers. If you would like to host a live qualifying event, please contact [email protected].

How it all works!

First Level, State Qualifier:  You may either register and compete at one of several scheduled live events that include your state OR you can send a video submission to [email protected].  Make sure if you do a video submission that you only chose optionals from the approved optionals list.  Depending on your score, you may be invited to attend one of our four Super Regional events. The Running Results of scores by state will be displayed on the website and invitations will go out in early February 2017.

Second Level, Super Regional: If your state score qualifies you to advance, then you will move on to the Super Regional competition that includes your state.  To see the map of states click here and scroll to the end of the document.  State winners will be awarded at the Super Regional level and the first place winners will automatically advance to the National level. (Second place as an alternate.) After that all the scores go into a pool and invitations to Nationals will be according to score, just as we have done the pre-qualifier invitations for the last two years.

Third Level, National Competition: The National Competition is by invitation only and will consist of a Semi-Finals and a Finals. As we said above this year we are part of the State Games of America. The Championship will be held in Grand Rapids, MI on August 5th and 6th, 2017. See our information page on the State Games website here.

New Perks for Athletes

As we want you to join USA Yoga now, we are offering some special perks for athletes. Once a week we will be sending out exclusive coaches tips to help improve your performance. Join now and receive your first training tips from Gianna Purcell.

18-49: Athlete Membership Application w/single payment option

50 and up: Senior Athlete Membership Application with single payment option

11-17: Youth Athlete Membership Application w/single payment option


Rules Changes

  • You must submit your routine upon entry. You will OK it at check-in for your event and you can change it then. The only other time you can change it is onstage by calling out the new postures.
  • You can now do all 6 point compulsory postures without incurring a penalty.
  • Please review the appeals process in our Rules as it has changed.