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Friday, March 31, 2017 12:00 AM

Next Steps for Athletes

Invitations for 1st place winners for Nationals have already gone out. The running Results page for Nationals is up. This includes all Super Regional results other than first place, which is automatically invited to Nationals. If you are a first place winner and do not plan to enter the National Championship, then please let us know so we can invite the second place winner.

Other invitations for Nationals will begin to go out after the Southern Regional, inviting the highest scoring individuals first. And the final invitations will go out after the West Coast and Midwest Super Regionals are done in late May.

Last Chance for video submissions! The West Coast and MidWest Super Regional States are accepting video submissions until March 20th. Click here for more information.


Upcoming Events

The next Super Regional is on April 22 in Richardson, TX. This is the Southern Super Regional and the invitations have already gone out.

The West Coast Super Regional is next, held in San Jose, CA on May 20th.

The Midwest was moved from CO to Chicago, IL at the unexpected loss of Olympic Training Center for the venue. Sorry about the last minute switch and any inconvenience it causes our athletes. It will now be held on May 21st and invitations will go out shortly.


Information on Nationals

The State Games include an Olympic-style Opening Ceremony in an arena including the 12,000 athletes that will be participating.  The ceremony will be held at the Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, MI, on August 4, 2017, at 7:30 PM. Athletes will participate in the parade by state, rather than by sport. You do need to purchase a ticket to be part of the opening ceremony. Athletes receive credentials that give them access to all events except the opening ceremonies.

The least expensive option if you have friends and family attending is a Super Pass: ($20)
-Access to all special events
-Access to all sports venues
-One Spectator Opening Ceremonies Ticket
-One Athlete Opening Ceremonies Ticket
-Discounts at participating restaurants

**Purchase of a Super Pass includes one Spectator Opening Ceremonies ticket and one Athlete Opening Ceremonies ticket. While purchasing the Super Passes you will need to select the number of Opening Ceremonies tickets desired.  Super Pass sales will end 1-2 weeks prior to Opening Ceremony.

If you just need an Opening Ceremony ticket for yourself, then an Athlete Ticket is $10, if available.

Please go to the Nationals Event page for links to book hotel rooms and flights. Our event will take place only on August 5th and 6th, but you may want to attend the opening ceremony and we may schedule demonstrations on the 4th as well. We are still finalizing the schedule and will send updates as soon as possible.

One Fire

One Fire's founder, Hargobind Khalsa was one of our competitors at Yoga at the Arnold. He won first place and the gold medal for Virginia. Hargobind was there with his lovely wife, Siri Om, and his daughter.

One Fire is a Hot Yoga Festival taking place from March 30th-April 2nd in Besthesda, MD. Our very own Garland Hume, board member, and head of our Marketing Committee, will be leading an intermediate hot yoga class and co-leading an advanced class at the upcoming festival.

Her intermediate class will feature all of the compulsory poses from the USA Yoga and IYSF competition rules and some of the optional poses as well.  To view her class schedule, click here.

We love the mission of One Fire! “To highlight the best of the hot yoga world, to build bridges within the hot yoga community, and to build bridges with other yoga traditions.”  We hope to see you there.  You can purchase tickets at onefirefest.com.


Central/North Super Regional Championship

The first Super Regional was a roaring success. Everyone had a great time at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. It was so exciting to be part of such a large event. This was the first time yoga sport was represented at this sports festival and other sports were eager to have us there! Our former champions wowed everyone at the Concourse Stage with their demonstrations. Many body builders and yoga lovers wandered in to observe our Yoga Championship, and we met many people who are enthusiastic about joining our yoga Sports' movement.

Our judges, all of whom paid for their own travel and several of whom even paid for their own accommodations, worked tirelessly to ensure a seamless and well-judged event. Lynn Whitlow, USA Yoga board member, and head judge both for our organization and for the event, did a stellar job. Lynn is passionate, fair-minded and a great communicator.

We can't say enough about Joseph Encinia, our unstoppable board President. Not only is Joseph a great MC, he also scheduled and participated in the many yoga demonstrations over the weekend, which was not easy with so much for him to coordinate.  We are lucky to have Joseph lead us as board President!

Our sponsors truly are sponsors; they are not just vendors. Many of them are part of our yoga community, like Louise Giordani, owner of Everywear. She competed last year and this year she coached Teri Fry. And Bel Carpenter, founder of Vimana Yoga. Bel was one of our many yoga demonstrators along with judges Gianna Purcell and Zeb Homison, and our head coach for the event, Mardy Chen. We appreciate you all so much.

And finally the athletes, our lovely and amazing athletes make everything possible. USA Yoga exists to encourage and support yoga competition.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and we are inspired by you!

Youth Yoga Asana Program

USA Yoga proudly presents the Youth Yoga Asana program. The program's goal is to proactively recruit and motivate youth to participate in Yoga Asana competition and inspire other children to participate. The Youth Yoga Asana program provides support and a coaching network for youth yoga athletes between the ages of eleven and eighteen. It also provides a variety of year-round training options.

We encourage all those interested to meet the Ambassadors of this unique program: April Penland and Kabir Samlal (16).  April has been coaching and training youth competitors for many years, while Kabir was the International Youth Yoga Asana Champion in 2013. April and Kabir, both certified yoga teachers and practitioners for many years, are appointed to raise awareness regarding the Youth Yoga Asana program and to advocate and educate on behalf of USA Yoga. Both April and Kabir strongly believe in starting the practice at a young age.

Visit our Youth Yoga page here.