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Tuesday, May 15, 2018 12:00 AM
You Made March Magic!

Your sponsorships, athlete fees, and gifts of money and time brought four regional championships to 220 athletes and 30,000 viewers in person and across the country via Livestream in March.


Thank you to our hosts: Jean Agress, Midwest; Marla Thomas, Northeast; Michele Vennard and Cynthia Wehr, West Coast; and Jeff and Mardi Chen, Southern States.


Your efforts generated $9,000. You make it possible for USA Yoga to serve as the premier national nonprofit yoga sport organization.


Without you we could not train judges and coaches, set standards for the highest and safest achievement of yoga asana and present championship events every year. 


USA Yoga deeply appreciates every athlete, judge, volunteer, and sponsor. See the full list of results on our results page:




We awarded 10 scholarships for Regionals, two per region, and two that were individually funded. For Nationals we will award two scholarships for each division, for a total of 8. Many of you have already submitted. The board will decide on April 27th. If you are interested and have not yet submitted, then you can still enter by sending:

  1. A bio about yourself and why you compete for USA Yoga
  2. A yoga photo of yourself
  3. A statement as to why you need the financial assistance from USA Yoga
  4. Any additional references from your coach or teachers (not required)

to: [email protected].


Thank you to all of our sponsors, especially to our title sponsor, One Love One Tribe. And to our year long Silver sponsor, Superieur Electrolytes:


And our Bronze sponsor for the year, Of the Saints:

Find out about our sponsor opportunities for Nationals HERE.

And see all of our National Sponsors HERE.

Message from our President Garland Hume

At USA Yoga we are working very hard to make this year's nationals an incredible experience for our athletes and spectators.  Nationals is a time for all of us to come together to share our love for the sport of yoga and watch amazing athletes from all over the country demonstrate their routines.  It is also a great opportunity to make new friends, take classes and workshops from fabulous yoga teachers, and shop the latest in yoga gear. 


Nationals this year is in beautiful Madison, WI from June 29 to July 1st. If you missed this interesting article on our Facebook page then, check it out here: 10 Things to Love about Madison.


Thank you to our athletes, sponsors, judges, coaches, volunteers and donors who make it possible for us to unite together for such a fun and powerful event.  Whether you are an athlete or lover of yoga, come spend the weekend with us in Madison and get inspired!

Michele Vennard: Athlete, Coach, and Regional Host

Cynthia Wehr, left, shows off Michele Vennard’s gold medal for her performance at the West Coast Regionals in March.

Michele Vennard returned to the competition stage this year—for the first time in the 50+ division—and earned the highest score in her division of any in the West Coast regional championship—after a year-long break to focus on her growing business, BYSJ. She and her good friend, Cynthia Wehr, pictured above, also hosted this year's West Coast Regional.

She finds doing her routine for the judges “three minutes of bliss.”

Her confidence heading into Madison is hard won. “I discovered my inner voice when I first competed in 2007—and it was not friendly.  I stepped onto the stage and heard ‘not good enough,’ ‘unworthy,’   ‘can’t do that.’”

“After a few years of practice, I thought I knew what I was doing. What I discovered in competing was a whole new world of refinement.” Today, her practice is not about being “good,” but about focus, concentration and determination—every day.

The relief she felt in her practice was present from the start.  “Yoga helped me with my grief when my mother passed away after a devastating illness.” The path from her first class in 1998 included meeting and training with Mary Jarvis, and eventually to leaving her career in the hospitality industry for teacher training in 2001, and a few years later to opening BYSJ.

She offers advice to others who find yoga, and who find themselves working to get deeper into a posture, trying a challenging a new posture, or stepping onto the stage to compete. “Keep doing it.  Stay with the integrity of the poses. Have patience.”

Congratulations to Cynthia Wehr at the birth of Renzo Ezra Mathias!

2018 Nationals Important Information

Invitations are out and the deadline for entry is May 1st. If any divisions get close to filling up we will send you a warning email, but all divisions have space at this time.


This year we are going to have an ongoing Yoga Expo in the hall adjacent to the theater where the competition will take place. Our sponsors will be set up here and we will have lots of exciting events scheduled, including demonstrations, lectures, and short yoga classes.


In addition we have two USA Yoga Fundraising workshops scheduled at Inner Fire Studio, 773 University Avenue 209, Madison, WI 53715. These will be taught by Garland Hume, Thursday from 1 - 4 PM, REGISTER HERE. And by Kim Tang, Friday from 2 - 5 PM, REGISTER HERE. And by Gloria Suen, Friday from 5:30 - 8:30 PM, REGISTER HERE.


The workshops will consist of the advanced series followed by coaching. Space is limited so sign up soon.


All events in the Yoga Expo will be free to anyone with a ticket to the event. Athletes have free entry to all. Friends and Family will have to purchase tickets, or they can volunteer for at least one four-hour shift and receive free entry for the weekend, and a tee shirt. We have an early bird rate on tickets that ends on May 15th. Purchase tickets HERE.


To volunteer email [email protected] with your name, cell phone number, available shifts, and preferred jobs. The available jobs are: Ticket Sales, Door Monitors, Judge's Assistant/Runner, Hair and Makeup.