Taking It Slow

Joseph Collins' yoga competition journey has been about taking his time and hoping that he can someday share what he is learning with others in the classroom. As he explains, "I have my whole life ahead of me."

Joseph started competing in fall, 2015 at the Regional Asana Championships in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

While his yoga journey has been long, Joseph considers himself to be at the beginning. His attitude towards competing has been to see himself as his only competitor, and competing only against himself has benefitted his personal growth and self-confidence.

Joseph maintains his focus throughout training, but he is especially committed in the final stretch before competition to visualizing himself in his postures, allowing him to take stock of each detail of each pose.

In addition to this meditation, Joseph makes sure to eat healthfully and get enough sleep. Finally, he practices his routine multiple times a day, and he takes between seven and ten yoga classes each week.  

Despite practicing more mindful intentions, Joseph admits that savasana drives him crazy. But the posture he lives for is standing head to knee. As Joseph promised himself, "one day I will slay that posture."

Overall, Joseph is excited to compete because it allows him to be a part of something greater than himself and keep learning something new in the life that he sees as a gift.
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