Fight Through It

This is Clara McGrail's first year competing, but the best advice she has gotten, and the mantra she repeats to herself, is "fight through it." It's the advice her coach, Jean Agress, repeats to her when she is having difficulty with holding a pose.

Clara first practiced yoga when she was 17 years old. Trained as a classical ballerina, she was attracted to the spirited discipline of yoga. Now, a decade later, she is excited to begin her competition journey and honored to be able to compete at Nationals.

While she is still learning the best ways to train, Clara meets with a group of competitors each week to share tips and critiques on each other's poses, in addition to regular classes.

"Admittedly, I have very limited experience competing," Clara says, "but for me, I love the challenge of demonstrating tranquility and grace through yoga, even if I feel nervous on stage."

Demonstrating tranquility under pressure comes in handy during Clara's favorite posture: standing forehead to knee. While she acknowledges how difficult of a pose it is, she loves the intricacy and detail of the pose. It's also the pose that drives her craziest, but she tries to remember her coach's words to "fight through it" when she starts to wobble or lose her balance.

In addition to meeting more of her fellow competitors, Clara is looking forward to watching their routines, which she says provide boundless inspiration for her.

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