A Moment in Time

For more than two years, Lisa Pafe has been competing which, for her, is a demonstration of what she can do with her body, mind, and spirit as a senior athlete.

For Lisa, a variety of workouts is important to training for competition day. To prepare for nationals, Lisa practices different forms of yoga, including weight training and barre classes to build her strength, balance and flexibility.

Furthermore, she draws on the knowledge and insights of her competition team members at her yoga studio. They meet for weekly sessions and critiques. Finally, maintaing a consistent practice of her own routine is also important to Lisa; she makes sure to practice her routine once a day in the weeks leading up to competition.

For all of this practice and dedication, Lisa also maintains a healthy attitude toward her performance. Her best advice to competitors demonstrates her comfort and confidence. As she advises, "Competition is a moment in time. Just do the best you can do in that moment. Whatever you do, it is perfect for you."

This attitude has certainly helped with the pose that gives Lisa the most difficulty: rabbit. As she explains, because she has short arms it is difficult for her to hold her heels properly. Yet Lisa's approach to training is one way she has overcome this challenge.

Although Lisa's training will culminate in her three minutes on stage at nationals, she is most excited to see and bond with her fellow senior division competitors. In her own words, "seniors rock!"
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