Three Champions, Six Questions


We asked three seasoned competitors about their yoga journey, yoga sport, and how they get ready to compete. Here’s what they had to say:
When did you start competing?
Thomas Forbang: 2015
Ryan Jacobsen: 2015
Michael Peck: Two years ago (2015)
Why do you compete?
Thomas Forbang: To take my practice to a higher level of focus and concentration.
Ryan Jacobsen: I compete for my personal growth.
Michael Peck: To help me focus on my breathing and find a place of quiet inside, to motivate my teacher to work with me on technique, to improve all of my yoga program, and to give my Type A personality something to do besides work!

How do you train in the weeks leading up to a competition? In the days leading up?
Thomas Forbang: Four weeks out, I live on an exclusively protein and fat meal plan. I practice hot yoga every day, and rehearse my routine once a week. One week out, I practice twice a day and rehearse my routine every day.
Ryan Jacobsen: I stay relaxed and take frequent naps, as well as eating a lot! I train two or three days a week for no longer than one hour.
Michael Peck: I still feel relatively new to this and am still trying to figure it out.

What's the best training advice you've gotten?
Thomas Forbang: The 70-30 rule: Your body is only 70%, the other 30% is the logistics, or rules.
Ryan Jacobsen: “Do you really think they have something you don’t?”
Michael Peck: “Make it look fun.”

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