Roxanne Armstrong: Age Does Not Define Her

The Adult 50+ 2017 and 2018 champions are preparing to travel to Beijing, China to compete in the World Championship of Yoga Sports, December 1-2. This series of blog posts will explore their journey.

Roxanne Armstrong won the Bronze Medal for Adult 50+ Women in Grand Rapids, MI in 2017. Here’s a look at her journey to Beijing.

1) Why are you competing in Internationals? What drives you to make this journey?

I am competing because i don't want age to define me. I like that my yoga practice is ageless and timeless. This is what I would love to share with others: there are no limitations when you are open and free to possibilities.

I am a person who does better with a goal. Competitions help me too focus and prioritize my practice, my natural instinct is to be lazy but at the same time I value health and well-being and I know the value of community. Odd, but it's the perfect storm!!

2)  How are you preparing for the International Competition? Include types of practice, diet, meditation, etc.

I prepare by just being consistent with my practice, at this stage of life I am doing what feels right, not to push so hard that I injure myself, but more awareness of what feels good and what is possible. I want a balance, and that’s the message I want to share with others, be open and present in your body, be willing to receive and accept.

3) What are you most excited about?

I'm excited about a new adventure. The wonderful experience, connecting with other like-minded beings, the support, the encouragement and too be in inspired!

4) Will any friends/family travel with you? Who?

I will be traveling alone, but I will meet up with many that are friends and competitors who all are my Family!

5) How long have you been practicing?

I am entering my 16th year of practice.

6) What is your profession?

I am a Massage Therapist, a Yoga Teacher, and a Personal Assistant. I have many jobs, and I love them all! I feel I am here for the service of others but ALSO that I am here to live a life of balance, I really try to Walk the Talk and lead by example.

7) Where do you regularly practice/are you a yoga teacher (name the studio, including city and state)?

I practice at Hot Yoga Pasadena, CA. I love this studio. Val Sklar-Robinson is the owner, and we are celebrating our 20th Year!!

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