USA Yoga Fundraiser: The YogaWorks Fairfax Team Rocks the House

The YogaWorks Team

“I am inspired!”
“You are all so strong!”
“I never realized all ages can compete. I want to get involved!”
Those are just a few positive comments we received February 10 when the YogaWorks Fairfax USA Yoga Competition Team held our fundraiser class. Veteran competitors Thomas Forbang and Lisa Pafe led the students in a Silent Hot 60 Music class. Then it was time for the team to demonstrate our routines.
Our team demos were extraordinary because there were so many firsts!
•    First time YogaWorks Fairfax has had such a large team of competitors (eight)!
•    First time our team has spanned all four age divisions!
•    First time five of the competitors have participated! We have one new competitor in the Adult 50+ Women’s Division, Yoko Jackson, two new competitors in Adult Women’s Division (Makiko Fisher and Rina Schmoker), plus our two new youth competitors.
•    First time the new competitors showed their routines to a live audience!
•    …and the most amazing first of all! This one is a first not only for our studio but also for USA Yoga. We have a mother and her two sons competing. Rina’s two sons Taiga and Ryugen are competing in the two youth divisions, and they are so excited for the regionals on March 3.
The event was educational because many of the attendees knew very little about USA Yoga competition. We explained the competition rules and how to develop a routine. The appreciative audience cheered the team on as we presented our routines. We also a special guest. Fellow competitor Zoha Vaezi was there to support our team and USA Yoga, so of course we asked her to present her routine as well.
The YogaWorks Fairfax competition team exceeded our fundraising goals thanks to the support of our wonderful community. In addition, we had a lot of fun! All attendees received an empowering citrine crystal as a thank you gift. We invited everyone to attend the March 3 Mid-West Regionals in Arlington, VA.

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