Mo Fathelbab: Being Healthy and Living Longer is a Conscious Decision

Mo Fathelbab, the 2018 USA Yoga Mid-West Regionals Virginia champion for the Adult 50+ Men’s Division, is a focused, passionate entrepreneur and devoted yogi. He has practiced for 20 years, primarily Hot 90 style, but considers himself a seasonal yogi.

If the weather is nice, you will find Mo paddle boarding down the Potomac River or outside enjoying nature. If it is snowing, he might be skiing with his wife and son. No matter what though, he practices his competition routine daily to prepare for Nationals.

Mo practices regularly at Bikram’s Yoga of Alexandria under the tutelage of coach Jean Agress who encouraged him to compete. He was originally attracted to yoga to heal his body after competing in triathlons and Iron Man.

“I was beating up my body – especially my knees and lower back. As I started to pay attention to my body and the damage done by running, I needed an alternative that was good for me, he says. “It has been so healing and I am so grateful to have made that switch.”

Mo travels the world for his job as President of the Forum Resources Network where he provides peer exchange groups for CEOs and entrepreneurs as well as corporate culture and communications consulting and public speaking.  He is also a real estate investor and the author of Forum: The Secret Advantage of Professional Leaders.

As part of his travels, he has practiced yoga at studios in Canada, Copenhagen and Turkey to name a few countries. His travels and yoga provide a good mental break from the stresses of his career. Travel and career demands mean that he also recognizes that staying healthy to live a long life is a conscious decision.

“My philosophy on diet is to be good 80-90% of the time but not 100% of the time or life is not fun,” he says. “The hot room helps me eat what I want, as I burn up to 1,000 calories and lose up to 11 pounds per class!” He does make sure his diet is very clean the couple of weeks preceding a competition.

Mo subscribes to the theory that in life you are either spiraling up or spiraling down. “Competition is a way to hold myself accountable for spiraling upwards,” he explains.

His advice to fellow Adult 50+ yogis who are considering competing? “Do it. It’s fun. You meet great people, wonderful people in the yoga community. You’ll also improve your practice.”

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