Wayne Campbell: Diligent Pursuit of Greatness

The Adult 50+ 2017 and 2018 champions are preparing to travel to Beijing, China to compete in the World Championship of Yoga Sports, December 1-2. This series of blog posts will explore their journey.

Wayne Campbell won the Bronze Medal for Adult 50+ Men in Madison, WI. Here’s a look at his journey to Beijing.

1) Why are you competing in Internationals? What drives you to make this journey?

I am competing in the 2018 International Yoga Championship because I have diligently trained 4 years as a Yoga Athlete to reach a level or proficiency, skill, and ability that would lead me to this opportunity.  I have my health, vitality, energy, and no good reason not to compete.  To be rewarded and recognized for diligently pursuing the path of the Yoga Athlete has so much more value to me.  I love reaping the rewards of what I have put so much time, energy, focus, and intention into.

2)  How are you preparing for the International Competition? Include types of practice, diet, meditation, etc.

I am preparing very diligently for the 2018 International Yoga Competition.  
I use lots of video and visual feedback for guidance.  I take 6-7 Bikram Hot Yoga classes each week, 13 Stretch Flow Yoga classes each week, 3 Hatha Yoga classes a week, and 3 Mat Pilates classes a week.  I also have my own personal yoga and stretch ritual, which consists stretches, drills, and exercises to go deeper into my muscles and fascia, which varies between 1-3 hours daily.  Then I practice yoga poses in my routine as well as other poses I am developing.  

My diet is pretty simple......
Early Breakfast: Fruit.
Breakfast: Granola w/ Almond Milk.
Snack: Walnuts.
Lunch:  Meat & vegetables or starches & vegetables.
Snack: Walnuts.
Dinner: Meat & vegetables or starches & vegetables.

3) What are you most excited about?

I am most excited about the possibility of improving the scores of the yoga poses in my yoga routine and excited about successfully doing a yoga pose that I have been working on for months and years.

4) How long have you been practicing?

I have been practicing yoga for 13.5 years.

5) What is your profession?

I am a Yoga Studio owner of Urban Fit Yoga, a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher and a Licensed Massage Therapist.

6) Where do you regularly practice/are you a yoga teacher (name the studio, including city and state)?

I am the owner of Urban Fit Yoga Houston in Houston, Texas.

7) Any other info you want us to know.  

I have a second chance at training and performing as a yoga athlete after a career-ending dance injury that left me living with chronic pain and tightness for 23 years.  I am grateful to be able to train, play, perform on stage, and for my body healing and recovering.  I wish every yoga athlete good luck and growth on their Yoga athlete journey.

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