Michele Vennard: Thrilled to Go on Stage

The Adult 50+ 2017 and 2018 champions are preparing to travel to Beijing, China to compete in the World Championship of Yoga Sports, December 1-2. This series of blog posts will explore their journey.

Michele Vennard won the Adult 50+ Women’s Division Gold Medal at the 2018 USA Yoga Nationals in Madison, WI as well as the Silver Medal in 2017 Nationals in Grand Rapids, MI.

1) Why are you competing in Internationals? What drives you to make this journey?  

I find it fascinating that at age 54, I can compete in something I love at an International level.  I think the push to traveling to Beijing (where I have never been) was knowing that I'd be announced as Michele Vennard from the United States - that is so powerful and I'm proud!  I'm not just proud of myself and the community that I'm in, but proud of yoga and the hard work everyone has done to expose it this way!

2)  How are you preparing for the International Competition? Include types of practice, diet, meditation, etc.
I don't overdo it because I recognize that it is a performance. I will go a bit harder in extra classes, doing homework and watching how I eat and sleep. But I also want to push the practice to show how this is available to everyone to build and sustain overall health even in older years!  It has to be a way of life for all if you want to live the life you were meant to have!

3) What are you most excited about?  
I'm thrilled to go on stage in another country - wow!  I'm thrilled to see and meet new people in a new country. But mostly, I am so excited to meet my peers from other parts of the world - that will make me cry!

4) Will any friends/family travel with you? Who?  
I am so lucky as I don't really "like" to travel and I have not ever done anything like this, but I have Lee (Seldon Dickinson) coming with me as he's lived there, and knows the language and the subway system - yay!  He's competed and he's so excited to go with me and help - I'm so grateful.

5) How long have you been practicing?  
I just celebrated on August 11th, 20 years of practice.  I wrote a blog about it on our website (blog section) and Changu did a story on me, Humans of Bikram Yoga if you care to read or share more.

6) What is your profession?  
I own and direct Bikram Yoga San Jose (and teach too).

7) Where do you regularly practice/are you a yoga teacher (name the studio, including city and state)?

Bikram Yoga San Jose, San Jose, CA.

8) Any other info you want us to know.

I've owned my studio for 15+ years.  I also coach athletes. I've hosted, along with Cynthia Wehr of Bomitra, several Regionals.  I've judged in the past.  I graduated from teacher training in Fall 2001!

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