Dr. Jean Agress - Board Member

Jean Agress found the hot room in 2010 and has been practicing hot yoga almost daily ever since. She was fascinated by how the deeper calmness and focus she experienced after each class carried throughout her day.

She was inspired to share what she had learned through this wonderful 90-minutes, 26 posture series with others, which led her to pursue Bikram yoga teacher training in 2013.

Jean’s aspiration is to plant as many “yoga seeds” as she can in the hearts of others so they can benefit from the same healing power, both mental and physical, that she experienced.

To advance her skill as a teacher, she decided to become a USA Yoga certified judge and coach in 2015 by participating in USA Yoga judge’s clinic.

Jean hopes to increase awareness of USA Yoga Federation to students and teachers of all disciplines of yoga as well as the general public.

Jean has a PhD in Economics from George Washington University, and will work with the marketing team to increase development for USA Yoga.