Peter Kline - Board Member

Peter Kline is a principal and the technical director of Plastic Card Systems, Inc. a company specializing in identification cards.

I started doing yoga five years ago when I was asked to attend a class with someone so they didn't have to go alone.  I thought it would be an excellent way to stay flexible and avoid injury to play other sports.

After a year or so of going on the weekends, I had a teacher who started to talk to me about a yoga competition and of course I just laughed as everyone knows there is no such thing as a yoga competition!  However, she was persistent enough that I finally thought why not, I can't think of anything farther outside my comfort zone so I'll do it once for the experience. Now three years later I find I enjoy the competition and the camaraderie as every event is like a family reunion.

I compete to show my admiration, respect and appreciation for every yoga teacher I have ever had and to demonstrate to them what Namastè truly means to me. My wish is to reflect back that light that shines so brightly within them that they selflessly share with all their students and to show my gratitude for what they have taught me.